About Us

Why His & Hers?

We love living in Historic Deadwood and have always wanted to contribute something unique to Main Street. We wanted to create an all-inclusive venue with great beer and great wine where you can grab a couple of drinks before an event or dinner, meet friends for conversation, or catch local artists and musicians for specialty events. Aunt Bea can have a glass of Chardonnay while Dad drinks a Coors Light and Mom samples some wines from around the world.

Our Story

The summer of 2018, during one of Deadwood’s Sunday Funday concerts, we discovered that the former Deadwood Winery was for sale. After five minutes of hysterical laughter at the thought that we could actually buy a bar on Deadwood Main Street, we decided that we would start to explore the possibility. Eight months later we are the proud parents of His & Hers Ale House and Wine Bar. We hope that everyone loves our baby as much as we do.

Meet the Team

The Hers – Molly Brown

Managing Partner and Ultimate Wine Geek

Molly grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and began truly cultivating her love of wine while working at BayWolf Restaurant in Oakland, California. BayWolf was a hotbed for Vintners, Sommeliers, wine collectors, and other restaurateurs to eat, drink and converse. While working her way through college, Molly also got to enjoy international wine tastings, trips to Napa and all of the fine Cuisine the West Coast had to offer.

Molly moved to Deadwood in 2009 and quickly fell in love with the people and the community.¬†Unfortunately, Molly has a “day job” as the VP of Energy Production at GenPro Energy Solutions building large-scale solar systems and won’t be around on a daily basis. But she will be hands-on in deciding what’s on the wine list and in the Vault.

The His – Randy Brown

General Manager and Beer Aficionado

Who loves beer? This guy. Randy was a military brat who grew up in Arizona, Alaska, and his all-time favorite City (besides Deadwood of course) Austin, TX. He moved to Rapid City while still in high school and in 2011, moved to Deadwood after meeting Molly. For his other gig, Randy hangs out with rock stars, managing production for Ironhorse Saloon and Jade Presents through our other business Black Hills Business Consulting.

Randy loves finding local breweries and tasting local beers whether he is in Colorado or Italy. It is his goal to bring new styles and flavors or beer to South Dakota while cultivating deep relationships and supporting our own talented South Dakota brewers. He will always be around to discuss our latest discoveries.

So come pay us a visit and see what fun kind of liquid refreshment we have on hand today.